Sermon Organization Solutions
Sermon Folders by Book - A collection of 66 folders one for each book of the Bible. Each folder has the number of chapters for that book of the Bible. Giving you an easy way to organize and review what areas of Scripture you have preached from. Download Now!

Sermon Folders by Topic - A collection of folders that allow you to organize your sermons by topics. I’ve started you off with several topics. Adding your own is as simple as creating a new folder. Download Now!
Simple Sermon Templates
Half page sermon template - This template allows you to print your message on half sheets of 8.5”x11” paper.
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Full page sermon template - This template allows you to print your messages on a full sheet of paper.
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HanDBase databases by the Gadget Pastor

Mobile Sermon DB -- This database will help you remember last month’s messages or the message you preached last at the pastor’s meeting. Log all of your messages, where you preached them, who you preached them to, categorize them, and much more. You can filter by Most Recent, Topic, Place preached, My Pulpit (messages you preached at your church), Scripture, and Title. It’s the productive and smart way to log your sermons. Created January 21, 2010

Todo: Now or Later? -- A simple task manager system that implements a Now or Later approach. You decide whether or not the task is due now or can be done later. You also have an inbox which allows you to add in tasks and decide on them later. Filters enable you to see the tasks based on their type of now, later, or inbox. Created December 29, 2009